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At DDM you will benefit from the following:

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As a family owned business with over 10 years experience in the direct mail services industry, DDM provides you the highest standard of customer care, commitment and dedication for all your direct mail, print and postage solutions.

Our mailing house is based in Neston, Wirral near Chester and Liverpool.

Who Are DDM Mailing?

Provide Direct mail and postal solutions

Our large mailing house based in the North West (Neston, Wirral, Chester, near Liverpool) allows us to offer all direct mail, printing and postal services and products under one roof. This offers great efficiency to our clients and allows us to keep costs down.

Our large warehouse allows us to hold stock for our customers offering fast turnaround times on all direct mail, print and postal jobs with minimal delays on deliveries and landing mail on mats.


Our recent partnership with ONEPOST UK now offers us the opportunity to continually grow and invest in technology that secures our place as a market leader in direct mail, print and postage solutions.

Onepost Partnership secures our place as a market leader in direct mail, print and postage solutions.

Postal Solutions

We provide a wide range of direct mailing services so that our clients have several options. We handle daily, weekly, and monthly mailings to annual and ad-hoc campaigns.

Postal Solutions

At DDM mailing we specialise in achieving the lowest postal rates for your UK & International mailings. DDM is based in the North West (Wirral, near Chester and Liverpool), we ensure that we stay at the forefront of our industry by keeping pace of any industry changes. This then allows us to maximise postage savings for your business.

Low Postage Rates

A key factor in how we’re able to deliver low cost postal solutions to you is that we have recently partnered with ONEPOST UK. Whether you are sending 50 or over 4000 pieces of mail we have a postal solution. All mail still reaches accreditation and matches the Royal Mail delivery service standards, but we can offer much lower rates as a DSA. This allows us to provide you with savings and the most cost effective postage solution for your mail.

International Postal Solutions

We have a range of postal solution packages that will help you save money on international post.  For overseas post we offer wholesale trade rates in Economy, Standard or Express. Enabling us to save you money on all letters, parcels and packets for your overseas requirements.

Parcel & Packet Postal Solutions

DDM Mailing offers a daily collection service for all your parcels and packets throughout the UK. We sort the parcels on our Wirral (near Chester and Liverpool) site and distribute them the same day with varied trackable solutions for your business. We choose from a range of partnered carriers to complete the final delivery process.

Bulk Mailing Postal Solutions

Poor quality data can often affect your business direct mailings so at DDM Mailing we offer a data cleansing service which enables all of your bulk mail to receive the best possible postal discounts and reach its final destination effectively and with impact. With our partnered connections with ONEPOST UK we are NOW able to offer reduced competitive bulk mailing rates.

Direct Mail

DDM Mailing offers automated and hand fulfilment services for all your direct mail needs.

Machine Mail Enclosing

We have a range of equipment and processes to fit your direct mailing requirements, including a two fold mailing machine capable of multi inserts at high speeds into DL, C5 and C4 item.

Our AMS Ink Jet machine over prints information onto envelopes, mail pieces, postcards, brochures. We also offer barcoding printing and now NEW Mail mark solutions.

Hand Mail Enclosing

For more complex direct mailings we use hand fulfilment, offering the extra care required for matching or inserting products. There is no limit on items to be inserted. Our ability to carry out glue-dots and tabbing ensures every item that we mail out is secure and meets all regulations.

Polythene Mailing (poly-wrapping)

If you want your Catalogue, Brochure or Booklet to stand out as soon as it hits the doorstep, then polythene is a great option. We offer hand or automated poly wrapping so we can work with you on producing an eye-catching campaign.

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Printing Services

Print Management can mean different things to different people. Print is such a diverse product for many businesses and it can cover anything from full colour business cards to printed mouse mats.


At DDM Mailing we manage the purchasing of your print to the highest level, we search the market for the best printing prices and deliver into you on a regular basis or hold stock so you can call off your products when required.

We deal with many different size businesses, as experts in print management we hope you trust our judgments and decisions on stocks, quantities and best processes for your print work.

If you are looking to centralise your print purchasing then we hope you will consider DDM Mailing.

The benefits of using DDM Mailing print services

  • We will analyse and carry out a print audit for your business.
  • Understand your purchasing processes in more detail
  • Offer a more stream line supplier base to save money
  • Keep any design spend separate from print
  • Your dedicated print manager will be reasonable for keeping you up to date with the industry changes

Direct Mailing, Printing and Postage made easy

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